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      What is Integrative & Functional Medicine?

      Integrative and functional medicine are two medical disciplines that hold the power to change the way we practice medicine forever.

      Both disciplines recognize the importance of physicians employing a personalized strategy for each patient to achieve and maintain optimal health. They factor in a patient’s unique genetic makeup, lifestyle and environmental influences, and biochemical imbalances; this deep analyzation allows the relationship between the patient and the practitioner to become a partnership.

      Integrative Medicine Clinic Pasadena

      Integrative Medicine vs. Functional Medicine

      While the two medical disciplines are similar in many regards, there are a few factors that make each unique:

      • Integrative medicine focuses on addressing the whole person (body, mind, and spirit) rather than just a disease. It combines the use of both conventional and alternative therapies to illicit healing.
      • Functional medicine focuses on uncovering and treating the root cause of disease, emphasizes disease prevention, and treats the body as an integrated system that must be healed through a systems-oriented approach.

      The Shine Health and Wellness team implements both integrative and functional medicine practices into the treatment plan for every patient.

      By focusing on you and your unique health needs, we work tirelessly to promote healing and wellness.

      If you are interested in a more personalized approach to your health, schedule an appointment at our convenient Pasadena integrative medicine clinic. Call (626) 317-0207 or contact us online.

      The Benefits of Integrative & Functional Medicine

      Traditional (conventional) medicine can restrict or slow a doctor’s ability to identify the source of a patient’s turmoil - often due to limited diagnostic abilities and time with a patient - and focuses on treating an illness symptomatically through the use of medication or invasive medical procedures.

      Alternatively, integrative and functional medicine treats the individual as a whole rather than as a collection of symptoms. More time is spent with the patient to understand the complexities that contribute to poor health and offers natural solutions rooted in lifestyle modifications.

      Almost anyone can benefit from this way of practicing medicine, particularly patients who suffer from a chronic disease relating to:

      Functional integrative medicine is also ideal for disease prevention, preserving a person’s wellness throughout his or her lifetime. This, in turn, saves you time, money, and the need for more complex treatments later in life.

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      Dr. Shine and the entire Shine Health and Wellness team look forward to helping you on your journey to optimal health and wellness.

      To schedule your first appointment at Shine Health and Wellness or to discuss our integrative and functional medicine program, please contact our office at (626) 317-0207 or request a call back online

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