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      Importance of Gut Health

      Your gut does more than just digestion, many hormones like estrogen and progesterone are produced here. Neurotransmitters which are chemicals necessary for brain function are also produced in the gut. The vagus nerve, the largest nerve in the body connects the brain and the gut which is one reason why you may be experiencing brain fog with your gut issues. At Shine Health and Wellness we use a multi treatment approach.

      Gut and Brain Health Doctor Pasadena

      GI Health Assessment

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      After an extensive evaluation and a personalized plan is created you will meet with the life style educator who will help you to identify lifestyle choices which may be keeping you from optimal gut health.

      We utilize Metagenics 5R program and this may be recommended. Your sleep quality and stress level play a key role in achieving optimal gut health and will be evaluated as well.

      The Standard American Diet is a pro inflammatory diet putting many people at risk of having gut inflammation.

      You may experience, bloating, increase gas, irregular stool, and cramping after meals.

      Our approach is an extensive look at your gut environment, evaluation of the gut/brain connection, a comprehensive look at the foods you eat which may be worsening inflammation.

      Nutritional plans to calm inflammation and improve the gut environment as well as recommendations to improve brain health are part of your personalized plan.

      Metagenics 5R Program

      • Remove offending substances from the diet
      • Replace digestive enzymes and stomach acid through supplementation
      • Reinoculate the GiTract with friendly bacteria
      • Regenerate the gut through lifestyle changes and diet.
      • Retain the health and function of your GI tract with foundational nutritional support. 

      Optimal Brain Health

      Optimal brain health is something we are all striving for. It allows us to perform well in our occupations, decrease onset of dementia or protect our student athletes from traumatic brain injury.

      At SHW we begin by looking at the status of your brain health through evaluation of brain chemicals, omega balance and brain mapping.

      We are then able to have a baseline of where your brain health is and can make recommendations and interventions to move toward better brain health.

      If it's the student athlete, we recommend nutritional foods high in omegas, we target improving gut health as this affects the brain. We may recommend certain supplements to protect the brain. We do a baseline brain map so the athlete can know where their brain health is at the beginning of their sports season and is used as a baseline if injury occurs.

      For the person wanting to avoid or decrease dementia SHW can assess your current brain health through brain mapping followed by a personalized nutritional and supplement plan. We may also recommend neurofeedback therapy which can help to improve brain function. We want to partner wiht you and your student athlete for a safe and optimal sports season.

      Post Concussive Syndrome Treatment

      We have developed a protocol to reduce brain injury by supporting brain health through nutrition, supplementation, and repairing the gut. We do a brain map which tells you where your brain is right now, are there areas of previous concussion making you more at risk of getting a second one without some intervention?

      Concussion Treatment Pasadena

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