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      Restoring Hormone Balance Through
      a Functional Medicine Approach

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      Gut & Brain

      Keeping You Healthy from the Inside Out

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      Food Sensitivities
      & Food Allergies

      Identifying and Eliminating Foods that are Making You Sick

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      Finding Root Causes to Your
      Medical Problems

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      Welcome to

      Shine Health and Wellness

      Functional Medicine Clinic in Pasadena, CA

      Treating the Root Cause of Your Symptoms Through Functional Medicine

      Shine Health and Wellness is designed around elevating the patient/doctor relationship through a Functional Medicine approach. We are giving the gift of time back to the visit with 60 minute initial visits allowing the patient to tell their story and to allow the physician to see the whole person and all of the variables at play. Deep dive laboratory analysis and an extensive physical examination is done to look for root causes to problems and providing education along the way.

      Click Here for Health Assessment

      If your score totals 20 or higher call our office for a consultation.

      Brain Performance Evaluations and Managements

      Evening, After School & Weekend Hours Starting August 20th

      Saturday appointments will be offered starting in the fall!

      Shine health is now offering IV nutrition.

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      Shine Health and Wellness


      960 East Green Street, Suite 206
      Pasadena, CA 91106


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