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At Shine Health and Wellness in Pasadena, California, patients receive comprehensive wellness services for a wide range of health conditions. Kimberley Shine, MD, offers her patients unmatched expertise and extensive one-on-one care.

As a student at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine, Dr. Shine was surprised to discover that the curriculum focused on each organ system separately. Her coursework also defined health solely through the absence of disease. However, Dr. Shine knew there had to be more to the practice of medicine than these traditional methods.

Dr. Shine realized that the doctor-patient relationship is the foundation of medicine. She understood that it's essential for patients to feel that they can trust their physician. In turn, physicians must listen to their patients and validate their patients’ feelings.

After spending more than a decade as a family medicine doctor, Dr. Shine decided to develop a practice that reflects her own values. She discovered integrative and functional medicine and quickly incorporated these core concepts into her practice.

Dr. Shine knows that it's not enough to simply treat symptoms as they arise. Instead, doctors must work together with patients to identify the root cause of their health problems. At Shine Health and Wellness, this close doctor-patient relationship is at the core of Dr. Shine's work. She takes pride in helping patients feel educated and empowered by their health care decisions.

Today, Dr. Shine is proud to be a part of a thriving practice that includes experienced nurses, a lifestyle coach, and a licensed acupuncturist. Along with the rest of her team, Dr. Shine strives to provide each patient with personalized, evidence-based medical care that improves their quality of life.

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    Dawn Kratofil
    Integrative Health Coach
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    Nicole Gonzales, RN
    Infusion Nurse
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    Liz Cortes
    Medical Assistant
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    Michelle Castillo
    Front Desk Receptionist
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    Victoria Nichols

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    Dr. Shine & her team have been instrumental in the healing and progression of my family’s gut health. Myself & my young daughters both struggle with extreme food issues!

    Jasmine Leigh Mack